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Are you sick and tired of being treated like a number, not a name when you have questions or try to get help for your business? Are you fed up with “Online Chatting” instead of getting to the point of solving your business problems & answering your business questions?

Well you’ve come to the right place!

Call 312-358-7073 to speak to someone for FREE during normal business hours 9am to 5pm M-F. It's so busy we don't have voicemail Understand we’re helping someone else. While you can't Leave a message and your name, we will see your phone number and call you back ASAP.

AAIME Promotes the Growth of Small Businesses

Have a Good Business With No Stress!

Contact us today to get your business off the ground or back on track with record producing sales. We offer extensive services for a variety of business objectives. No problem is too big for us to solve. 

The AAIME Difference

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Since 1987, our mission is to help people have a Good Business with No Stress! We serve

• Passionate people who dream of owning a business.
• Working people, who want Uncle Sam's help with their business.
• Downsized & retired people. 
• Owners with tax questions.
• High achievers with growing businesses.

Bottom Line: Passion drives success in business. When you passionately keep customer needs Job #1, and charge them based on the Value they receive, you WILL truly have a successful business with no stress!

But what if you don't know what business you want? 

We can help with that too! Here is some quick advice about the best type of new business to start:

1. Try expanding on a hobby or selling products or services that you normally give away for free. Or think back to your childhood for activities that gave you joy, or that others always said you would be good at.

2. At first, to keep stress low, sell to people you know and let them critique your product or service's value. If at first you don't know how to price your offering, simply let users tell you how much they would pay for it! Figure out later if you can afford to sell it for that price and still make a profit.

3. Listen to what users want and need. Because your goal here is to give it to them!

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What Is The "80/20" Rule?

Just about everyone in business has heard of it. It means that "Eighty percent of your sales will come from just Twenty percent of your customers." As a new or independent business, how can you utilize the 80/20 Rule to segment your market and ensure consistent sales revenue for your business?

7 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out and Earn Referrals

Quality is very important to customers. Providing customers with a Quality experience is the simple and easy way to make money and gain referrals. Once you reach the level where you professionally provide your product or service you must next focus on the Customer’s Experience with your company. Here are seven shortcuts to providing a Quality Customer Experience.

The 3 Best Digital Apps For Managing Your Receipts 

As your business grows, you'll eventually need a better way to organize your receipts and financial records, and since we've recently flipped over into the 21st Century, that means taking your receipt management digital. There are plenty of apps and websites that can help you keep track of your records, but here are the three best on the market right now:  



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